How to Find Someone on Facebook using a Picture – (May-2017)

Looking to find someone by using his/her photo? If your answer is yes then you must check this article because this article is basically for you guys. Well, you can find someone by inserting his/her picture on Facebook. Go through the post to learn how you can do so.

How to Find Someone on Facebook using a Picture – Best Methods

Are you having a picture of someone and looking to find him/her on Facebook? Yes! you can find someone on Facebook using a picture. Users can also check who is using their Facebook pictures. This method will help you to scan your image on the whole internet.

Facebook Image Search using Google Image Search

We will use Google to search our image on the internet. Yes! Google can help us in searching any image. Google Image can scan any image and will show you the result. In the result section. You can check who is your Facebook images on the internet. It will tell you the exact website using your Image without your permission.

  1. Open the website Google Image Search.
  2. Now, it will give you two options.
  3. Upload Image or Paste URL
  4. Click on Enter.
  5. Now you will see all the website using your exact Facebook image on the internet.

Done! Now, Google Image Search will tell you where ever that image has been used on the internet. It will also show you whether it has been used on Facebook or not. If yes, then it will show you the link to that person’s profile.

Photo Finder Facebook  with Tinyeye

  • Open a website which is Tineye.
  • You can upload any Image or Paste the URL of any image
  • Now, Click on Magnifying glass or Enter.
  • Now you will see the user of that Photo. It shows the complete list of the website using that pic.

That’s it, guys. It will show you the each and every detail present on the internet regarding that image which you have successfully uploaded. It will also provide you the link to access that particular person which is using that image on their Facebook profile.

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