How to Make Snapchat Use Less Battery Life & Data on Android (May-2017)

There are some of the hidden settings available in the Snapchat which some users don’t know. I started using Snapchat and I found the best way which can help you a lot and save a lot of Data on Android.

Snapchat actually consumes too much data if your location services are on. It also posts some High-Definition photographs which take a lot of Data. There are ways which can stop those settings and help you save some battery life.

You can use the mixture of the Greenify application and by turning off the hidden settings which will help you a lot. In this tutorial, you won’t be needing any kind of external application.

Recently, there was an article published which shows Worst 2016 Apps available on Play store. In which there was the name of Snapchat just because of too much consumption of battery life.

You might have noticed that after using the Snapchat there might be issues in which your phone is having the heating issues. This can be solved by some tips.

How to Make Snapchat Use Less Battery Life & Data on Android

Step 1: Enable ‘Travel Mode’ to Save Data

Snapchat is consuming too many data in the background and if you need the application to consume less Data then you need to turn off the Travel mode. If you need to turn off the travel mode then check out the below settings which you need to follow.

  • Firstly if you have not downloaded the Snapchat then you need to download it from Play Store
  • Open the application and Tap on the Ghost option and click on the Settings page.

  • Now, Click on Manage Preferences

  • There you will check out the Travel Mode just Turn it On it will help you to make the application consume less battery and data.

Step 2: Disable Location Permission to Save Battery

The reason why your Snapchat application is consuming too much battery is just because it is constantly checking the location in the background. If you are having the Android version above 6.0 then you can easily turn off this option by going to settings. Turn off this option just by following the guide given below.

  • Go to Settings > Apps and then search for the Snapchat

  • Now, click on the Permissions to turn off the permissions.

  • Now, simply click on the Location and toggle off the option.

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